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 What your buildings are for

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PostSubject: What your buildings are for   Fri Oct 30, 2009 5:02 pm

Refering to the following buildings:

Embassy = Level equals amount of Reinforcements u can hold
Beacon = Higher level more attack info
Relief = faster troop movment netween your cites and allies
Rally = Higher level more troops out at one time

for Beacon (my personal recomendations with the reasoning):
absolute (just built this city) minimum is 3 (gives eta)
minimum 5 (departure location)
reasonable 7 (approx numbers)
good 8+ (actual numbers)

Embassy (again personal recommendations):
lvl 3 or 4 in general (will allow that many detatchments to reinforce you)
if you are in hostile territory or being attacked you will want this higher

only specific levels of this make a difference: 1,4,5,8,10 (from the wiki)
absolute (just built this city) minimum is 1 (double your friendly transit time)
minimum 4 (3x increase in your friendly transit time....just get to 5, it's worth it)
reasonable 5 (4x increase in your friendly transit time)
good 8 (5x increase in your friendly transit time)

Rally (two effects: number of detachments you can have out and number of troops max per detachment):
depends on # of heros and army size really....but if you have 40k troops and a rally of 2 that's too low....
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What your buildings are for
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