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 Your aim whilst in BP

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PostSubject: Your aim whilst in BP   Fri Oct 30, 2009 5:01 pm

the following is copied from a previous forum:

"Agriculture - At least LvL 3 (Gives Bonus to Food Per Hour)

Lumbering - At least LvL 5 (Gives Bonus to Lumber Per Hour)

Masonry - At least LvL 3 (Gives Bonus to Stone Per Hour)

Mining - At least LvL 3 (Gives Bonus to Iron Per Hour)

Metal Casting - At least LvL 3 (Used for making certain Troops and Wall Defences)

Informatics - At least LvL 3 (The Higher Info is w/Beacon Tower Better Scout Reports)

Military Science - At least LvL 5 (Trains Troops fast, Also needed for another Research)

Military Tradition - At least LvL 2 (Troops become stronger)

Iron Working - At least LvL 2 (Troops defense becomes stronger)

Logistics - At least LvL 3 (More resources Troops can hold)

Compass - At least LvL 3 (Faster Travel Time)

Horseback Riding - At least LvL 1 (Allows Relief Station, Also makes Mechs Faster Travel)

Archery - At least LvL 3 (Increases Range for Shooting and allows Towers to be built)

Stockpile - At least LvL 1 (Increases Max Capasity of your Warehouse)

Medicine - At least LvL 1 (Increases Health of Troops)

Construction - At least LvL 3 (Faster Build Time)

That's a minimum. If you want more than that go for it. That's VERY possible and I already have more than that to be honest. Doing the 1's to get Quest is VERY helpful to continue flowing with research."
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Your aim whilst in BP
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