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 Alliance Rules

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PostSubject: Alliance Rules   Fri Oct 30, 2009 4:53 pm

If you have got this far you are already a member of IUNCTUS , with that carrys a few but critical rules. We will start with the obvious first.1) Follow instruction from Host/Vice-Host/Presbyter/Officer.2) We are an Alliance, if a fellow member needs help, and you can afford to do it, then please do. It helps us all in the long run.3) Expectations - We all know why we join an alliance, its 1 of the quests, it provides a bit of security (safety in numbers). Now here is what we want out of it. We want members who want to work as a team, we regularly plan group hits on the bigger hostiles, we want members to take part, if other alliances see us sticking together, we will be the alliance to be affraid of. DO NOT come in to the alliance and try and start wars on your own, as we will not help you. we stick together or not at all.............we dont want 1 man bands looking for glory.4) Exceptions to the above rule.a. Distance (if ur too far away)b. If u have recently been hit and taken major losses. (proven in war reports)c. If you have leave from the alliance, u can ask a friend u trust to use ur account if u like. (just an option).You must understand, we didnt want to put rules into place as we thought an alliance was automatically loyal, and wanted to work as a team, We have woked hard to keep this alliance going, and we fully intend keeping it going, we want to grow, we want to be the best. Now guys lets pull together, we arnt strong enough to take these hostiles alone, so lets hit them as an ALLIANCE........... they will learn, if u hit 1, u hit them all.
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PostSubject: Re: Alliance Rules   Sat Nov 28, 2009 3:51 pm

Sounds fair, forgive me tho if I act a bit cynical as my last alliance wasn't good for much more than chatting while waiting for upgrades to finish
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Alliance Rules
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